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The second generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng fubao (supply)

Cheng Fubao, nickname old black, on the production team in the village at that time, from the father learned beekeeping technology, after he began slowly groping, after 1 year of experience, to the stores, then call SMC, honey, when conditions are very hard, want to catch up on their own wagons and to travel long distances to the location of the various SMC, but also their moving barrels containing honey out, move out to rest for a long time to recover, just do it for three years.

The second generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng fubao (" shaping "in the next chapter)

Probably will move a home, a month on average every year, around half of China, woods, where people, home is where the field is a tent, eat water is the water in the valley, as beekeepers have also been used to the life "are short of food and clothes" state, this is determined by the characteristics of the industry.Because general pure natural large flowers zone, often in remote mountain areas, away from the town of travel is very inconvenient, so the beekeepers to collect nectar here, must adapt to this situation, one is 23 years, the inside of the suantiankula only oneself know!The ancestral beekeeping began to take shape here.