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The third generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng changzhong

Cheng Changzhong, inherited his father beekeeping technology and grandpa bear hardships and stand hard work spirit, 19 years, has been crisscrossed with father, thanks to the teacher later bao-quan liu door, elaborate technology for more than 5 years, mastered the beekeeping technology, invented feathers of the pest method, then only he will the technology industry, by the provincial department of agriculture's reputation in the "advanced worker", "beekeeping expert", "the reputation of beekeeping king", is now the China enterprise commercial credit evaluation center awarded "one hundred years old!"

The third generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng changzhong

It laid a better foundation for the future. Slowly, it began to supply various large processing plants, and a large number of bulk wholesale.

Every year in December - January the following year to oil volare or qujing in yunnan cuisine nectar, 2 to 3 month to guangxi baise liuzhou pick longan honey or zizhong county in sichuan province to continue to collect rape nectar, north after April, go to nantong, yancheng, jiangsu oil cauliflower, may go to shandong taishan collecting foreign HuaiMi, collected in June to qinling HuaiHuaMi or go to yenan collect nectar, July to qinghai oil cauliflower or go hebei qinhuangdao thorns flower or greater hinggan mountains in heilongjiang and jilin changbai mountain mining linden honey, 8 - is to go to Inner Mongolia in September in Mongolia or Simon collects buckwheat flowers...Every toss and turn and harvest, he not only enjoys the best pain, but also enjoys the pleasure of suffering, which is the whole of his sweet life.In the way of rain and rain, flowers bloom and fall, grasp every gorgeous spring.Bees are brewing honey, beekeepers are brewing life.Is it not the best time to drift and wander, but to fall asleep every night smelling of honey?