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The fourth generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng xueqi

Cheng xueji, to him this has been the bee four generations.

17 follow father study beekeeping, small, often see father honey, see father leaps in the hive, although occasionally be zhe, but still, father and himself said: "my dad is a genuine beekeeper, may make you feel ashamed, but you must have the courage to tell others, this is our honest personality, as a father, I can't give you more economic wealth, the only thing I can give you only the beekeepers guileless, supported the spirit of diligence, otherwise, I will do their utmost to help you!"Beekeeping is hard, food is rough, travel is lonely, human nature.The only way to solve this problem is probably to make the beekeeping industry respectable and high-income, in short, large-scale!

In 2008, cheng xueji set up zouchuan beekeeping farm in longyao county, hebei province, and cooperated with more than 2,000 bee farmers.It is sold in Korea, Burma, Japan, Australia, European Union countries and Hong Kong area with high quality and pure nature.

The fourth generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng xueqi (going to the world in the next chapter)

And evil people mixed up in the food market today, the bigger the city the farther from the green, the bigger the city, the more people can't find the original thing, Cheng Xue plan to go to the supermarket, every one place to buy honey products home yourself, or even travel abroad will not forget the supermarket to buy a few bottles of honey from abroad, can't say is bad, have a good, honey content of how to say, what about the added, what country allows you to add, he didn't want to go to study, also not in the mood to study, because he believes that a principle in the heart, is to be original, no matter who say again good, good packaging,He just doesn't believe that the original ecology is bad. Honey is the food that bees give themselves and their children to eat. Is the original ecology bad, but the additive good?He firmly believes in the principle of making food, relying on his conscience, refusing to concentrate, refusing to add, and this belief, he founded the bee farm named after his son in 2016, hebei mille bee industry co., LTD.!The country's largest pure natural honey distribution center!Because of the deep affection between grandpa and grandpa since childhood, I hope to complete the unfinished business of grandpa. With grandpa's head as the sign, I registered "melon garden" as the trademark to commemorate grandpa!