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The fifth generation of ancestral beekeeping farm - cheng mi le

Cheng Mi joy, for the love and fear of bees and existence, to the bee zero distance contact about the first time at the age of 5, 6 times, the play on the road, blocking the way of the bees, for a moment, pain seems to be a play by a little all over the body, is the kind of tangled pain want to dare to touch, but passing people to a newly born baby women, gave a little milk daub, where being stung immediately worked, then returned home after listen to father said bee stings also died, also sad for a long time, he and my father often tell the story of beekeeping, bees and obscurity, the spirit of selfless dedication, the honey from the age of ten,Use the school during the summer vacation, follow father and grandfather shuttle in each bee derive beekeeping technology and buy all kinds of bee products, start a veritable small accounting, is also extremely dry, and aspire to grow at an early age must follow them!In order to spread the spirit of bees, we must dedicate this kind of natural delicacies to people!

The birth of bees is a gift from nature. It not only provides people with all kinds of bee products, but also increases the yield of crops by pollinating them, providing adequate food security for human life.Without bees, there would be no pollination, no fruit without pollination, no seeds, no vegetation!So Einstein said, "if bees go extinct, we'll only have three more years to live!"