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Gansu Tianshui Base

Tianshui, Gansu Province is recognized as the world’s most nectar-producing gold producing region and is in line with the internationally accepted seven gold indicators. As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, Jiang Yan, the originator of beekeeping in China, bred wild bees in his hometown of Tianshui, making Tianshui the birthplace of artificial beekeeping. Tianshui, Gansu enjoys a pleasant climate and is located on the Baili Ecological Promenade in Maijishan. It is pollution-free, pollution-free, rich in honey sources, long flowering period, good flowering, high honey concentration, good quality, and many varieties. It is a high quality natural product in western China. Ecological beekeeping base. It is the most representative of the Chinese wolfberry honey and flower honey produced in the region, and it is also a classic of China's high-quality honey exports.