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Jilin Changbai Mountain Base

Changbai Mountain is the first high mountain in Northeast Asia. It is also a historic ancient mountain with a large area of virgin forest. The coverage rate of natural vegetation is as high as 95%. Surface water, atmosphere and other quality indicators exceed the national standard. Eucalyptus is one of the dominant tree species in Changbai Mountain. There are many eucalyptus flowers, high nectar content and good quality. It is the most important and highest quality wild nectar plant in Changbai Mountain. There is no pollution in the protected area, and the cool and cold climate of the mountain promotes the growth of eucalyptus, making the eucalyptus in Changbai Mountain more nutritious and more pure in taste. However, due to the high latitude and short flowering period of Changbai Mountain, the output of natural high-quality eucalyptus honey is less.