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Beijing Miyun Base

Beijing Miyun County has an east longitude of 116°39′, an east of 117°30′, a south latitude of 40°13′, and a north latitude of 40°47′. It is located in the northeast of Beijing, and is a mountainous area of Yanshan Mountain and the North China Plain. Surrounded by mountains on three sides of the east, north and west, the ups and downs of the ancient Great Wall stretches above the mountains; the middle part is the Miyun Reservoir with rippling waves; the southwest is the alluvial plain, and there are 14 large and small rivers in the middle, with a warm temperate monsoon type. The continental semi-humid semi-arid climate has four distinct seasons, and the wet and dry climate changes significantly. The annual average temperature is 10.8°C. The forest coverage rate reaches 72.5%. The plant resources are abundant and the natural environment is superior. From mid-June to mid-August, Vitex blooms and there are numerous flow of honey.